Dates for Pulow, Germany:

Level I
02. May  – 4. May 2019
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Level II
7. May  – 9. May 2019
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Level III
4. May  -6. May 2020
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Level IV
8. May – 10. May 2020
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From 2019, the training of „feeltone Sound Massage & Sound Therapy“ will be restructured into four blocks.

The English seminars usually combine two levels in a week’s intensive training. 

The first level, “The Secret of the Monochord,” is suitable for anyone who wants to learn the monochord and dive deeper into the world of spherical sounds. The course enables you to play the monochord for your personal needs, to relax, meditate, play music, sing and tell stories.

On completion of levels 2 – 4 you will be able to professionally perform sound massages and sound therapies with the monochord, the sound table and the sound chair. The acquired knowledge is equally applicable to sound meditation, sound accompanying therapies, yoga classes, wellness, education and health care.

The training is based on my 15 years of practical experience as well as further education and training on the monochord, the sound wave, the sound table and the sound chair. Feeltone, the producer of these instruments, and my practice Ma Mer constantly collaborate to improve and develop existing models as well as adding to the series.

We live in a time where the monochord with its soothing and opening sounds fulfills an increasing need for many, as we seek relaxation, centering, well-being, joy, support and alignment. Engaging with the sounds and listening can open up an inner space where we join our source of power and come to rest.

Along with the practical and theoretical teaching of sound with the monochord and its healing effects, it is also a training of perception and awareness. By feeling what resonates in us, we get to know ourselves in a new way and deepen the connection between hearing, feeling and understanding.

Details & Information

Training supervisor:
Martina Gläser-Böhme

Location of training:
The training usually takes place in a group of 4-8 people in the massage practice Ma Mer, situated in the small, lively yet quiet village of Pulow. These small groups allow an individual approach in a protected and warm atmosphere. The beautiful surrounding nature and the sounds will invite you to relax and recharge.

Each course costs € 450.00.
The entire training costs € 1800.00.

Vegetarian lunch and dinner are provided at an additional cost of € 60. (Please specify dietary needs)

For 1-2 guests I recommend the apartment Ma Mer ( In addition there are more apartments in the surrounding area available (

A tip:
Combine your seminar trip to relax in this scenic holiday area near the Baltic Sea, or treat yourself to some massages at the practice Ma Mer.

Purchase of instruments:
If you want to buy a monochord from feeltone, you can choose and try out your personal instrument on site.

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